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My name is Anne Elliott. My husband and I live in Michigan, where we write homeschooling curriculum for Torah-observant families and where my husband is a teaching elder at our local Sabbath fellowship.

We began trying to obey the Torah several years ago, and this website contains the Scriptures that convinced us of its importance. We also started this website to teach Gentiles what the Scriptures say about how to behave when included as one of Israel, the people of God.

More Websites by Anne

  • AnneElliott.com | Women’s Bible studies for marriage, parenting, homemaking, and ministry.
  • Homeschooling Bible | A website for homeschoolers, on how to use the Bible as your primary textbook.
  • Anne’s Health Place | A blog on health and nutrition for women and their families.

Our Businesses

  • Foundations Press | Publishing books and resources that grow disciples with a Biblical foundation.
  • Homeschooling Torah | Online homeschooling curriculum for Torah-observant families.
  • e9designs | Thoughtful, creative graphic design solutions.

Contact Anne at anne@anneelliott.com.

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